Sirix - Phone Vanish

The no-switch phone vanish that's easy to do! See Trailer
and get the most incredible physical phone vanish

Easy to Perform

Precision-Engineered gimmick fits perfectly into a normal phone case.

Multiple Routines

Learn how to perform phone through the table, phone to selected card and many variations.

Fast Reset

Resets instantly so you can do table hopping or strolling magic.

What's different on this?

This is the ONLY phone vanish that is completely examinable by the spectators, after the trick.

No Switch

You don't need to place the phone on the pocket, then remove it to perform. You do the trick in one continuous shot.


Many elements can be added like a flash lamp to make it look like a working phone!

Durable Gimmick

Special engineered gimmick will last a lifetime. No complicated mechanics!

Step by Step Video

Clear video explanations for all languages. Simple to understand and follow.

Optional Extra Case

We sell the identical extra phone case if you need it.

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